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How to lose weight fast

How To Lose Weight Fast And Keep It Off

You could be trying to lose weight because you have just given birth or maybe to get rid of fat that has build up over the years, but regardless of the situation this will require strength and determination. The following will give you some suggestions on how to lose weight fast, especially the stubborn stomach fat.

Remove products made from white flour from your daily diet and include vegetables such as green leafy veggies. Broccoli is a protein source and will also provide more health benefits, but there are also many other greens to choose from. Taking this one approach can help you to lose belly weight quickly.

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Avoid sugar. Cookies, candies, chocolate and so on are fun to eat, but these will completely ruin any nutritious diet and cause fat to build up. When you eliminate sugar from your diet plan, you might be amazed to see the amount of weight you lose.

Eat at least five smaller meals daily. This will take some time for you to get accustomed to, but once you substitute white flour with sugars and vegetables this will enable you to maintain a healthy diet. You should also include protein such as eggs, nuts and meats in every meal. This could give a diet plan with one-third protein; one-third vegetables and one-third complex carbohydrates (whole grain wild rice, sweet potato, etc). Overall, you want you eat as much as natural food as possible in order maintain a healthier diet.

Drink lots of water in order to boost your weight loss progress. It is best to drink a minimum of 3 tall glasses daily. The sugar drinks, sodas and coffees will not contribute in any way to your weight loss. These will ruin your healthy diet much like cookies, candies and cakes. Get rid of the sugar drinks and replace this with milk and water. V8′s will also be great for you instead of salt.

If you are not exercising at the moment, you need to start an exercise program. You can do some cardio exercise 4 to 5 times weekly for about 30 to 60 minutes for each session. Carry out abdominal exercises as well, but you have to understand that losing weight fast will be possible from dieting instead of doing a lot of crunches. In addition, weight training can help you to burn off fat quickly, so you should be afraid to lift some weights.

Finally, get enough rest at night preferably 8 hours as this will help your body to function better.


How to Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris affects almost half the world, and yet people are unaware of the medical term for this skin condition and the fact that they can get rid of it. How to get rid of keratosis pilaris includes both direct and indirect treatment of skin which can reduce the effects to a great extent. However, patients need to understand that any treatment that is used needs to be continual and not intermittent. Since there is no one universal and effective method for getting rid of KP, following is a list of methods, both direct and indirect, following which individuals can get rid of KP and its side-effects.

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How to Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris by Treating the Skin Directly

This method needs to be done with utmost care since the epidermis is probably the most sensitive area of the body. One way is to make use of moisturizer twice a day; since KP tends to make the skin dry, the moisturizer tends to negate its effect. People are advised to use moisturizers with lactic acid, retinoids, urea creams, and glycolic acid. Oils also work wonderfully on dry skin, softening the skin and the hard keratin plugs. Coconut oil, pure vitamin E oil and the oil from the Sea Buckthorn can be used twice daily. Exfoliating the skin with a rough sponge, a sugar scrub with honey or exfoliating soap is the best way to soften the skin and reduce KP. People should avoid using anything and everything abrasive such as a loofah, and should also avoid hot water, which makes the skin drier.

How to Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris by Treating the Skin Indirectly

For those who prefer an indirect treatment on the skin, taking oatmeal baths at least once a week will hydrate and smooth the itchy Keratosis Pilaris skin. For people who live in dry areas, using humidifiers with distilled water will do the trick of keeping the skin moisturized by adding moisture to the hair. If they can help it, patients with KP should avoid the cold and dry weather as it pulls the moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and rough. Spending a little time in the sun will also help KP patients, but they should remember to put on sunscreen before doing so. Avoiding hot water is another must. For medication, patients can visit their dermatologist for a prescription for a cream or pill, and laser treatment has been proven (not 100%) to help people with severe Keratosis Pilaris.

People should realize that any method, direct or indirect, should be continuous for a period of time to ensure that you get rid of keratosis pilaris completely. We hope that this article – “how to get rid of keratosis pilaris” has been helpful to you.

How do high protein diets work?

A question that I am asked more often than you would think is, how do high protein diets work? The answer to that question is simple, they work by providing your body with energy that the body does not burn.

You may be thinking, if the body does not burn the protein, then it must be stored as fat, right? Well actually that is wrong, most of the time, the protein passes through your body without it being used as energy or stored as fat. The entire process is a little bit more complicated than that,

The basic idea is that if you are to eat a diet which is high in protein, then your body would not burn that protein as a means of energy. So what would the body burn? The answer to that would have to be carbohydrates and fats. Essentially, the body will burn these alternative energy sources.

This means that if you are eating a diet that is high in protein, but low in carbs and fats, then your body would be burning those carbs and fats rather than the protein. It can be a difficult thing to understand, but the basic idea is that you lose how do high protein diets work eastfallsfitness.


So your body never burns the protein?

That is not true, there are circumstances where the body will burn the protein to use as a source of energy. For example, in extreme conditions when you are starving, then the body will be f0rced to burn protein to use to compensate you for the carbs and fats that you do not have.

Do I recommend such a diet?

The short answer to that question is, the basic problem with high protein diets is that they are quite restrictive. If you have read through my blog to any extent, you would know that I do not recommend diets which are restrictive as they can be bad for your health.

Another reason that I do not recommend such diets is that they are also very high in saturated fat. Such that, if you are consuming a diet that is high in protein, well the most common sources of protein are animal products, which are consequently high in fat. That being said, you run the risk of eating a diet that is also high in fat, so you can suffer heart related problems.

With that in mind, if you are thinking about using a high protein diet as a means to lose weight, then I would recommend you stop and look at the healthier options that are available to you. You never know, you might actually be able to lose weight without having to resort to such drastic measures.

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Diet Tips

Are you trying to lose weight? Need some extra guidance? Then I recommend you check out these simple diet tips that I have been recommending for quite some time. You never know, you might find something that actually works here:

Eat Raw Vegetables:

There are two main reasons why I recommend that you start eating raw vegetables, the first is that they are not processed. Obviously, if they are raw, then you have not added any fats or sugar to them in the cooking process – meaning that the vegetables are still high in nutrients (as no nutrients have been destroyed in the cooking process) and they have no added fat.

The second reason is that they are high in fibre, meaning that you will stay full for a lot longer. This is compared to vegetables that have been cooked – usually when a vegetable has been cooked, it is softened and loses a great deal of fibre.

diet tips eastfallsfitness

Get 8 hours of sleep

Numerous studies have shown that the reason we over-eat during the day is caused by a lack of sleep during the night. Essentially, the body is trying to regain the energy that it would have gotten from sleeping. This is why, it is strongly recommend that you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. This will limit your desire to snack on unhealthy foods during the day.

Eat 6 meals a day

You should eat 6 times a day instead of 3. This may sound silly to you, but you should eat six small meals, roughly ever 2 -3 hours. This is instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea is that you body has sustained energy during the day, so you do not feel the need to over-eat at one of the major meal times.

It’s all about portion control: don’t get tempted to pile your plate – these are meant to be small meals.

Use a smaller plate

We do not just eat with out hands and mouth, oh no. We also eat with our eyes – most people when they are serving themselves food, they ensure that the plate is as full as it can be, however – this is a bad choice for somebody that is trying to lose weight. In short, you should use a smaller plate – this will remove you need to fill the plate up with needless food.

In fact, studies have shown that people do not feel full until they have an empty plate in from of them. So if you have a smaller plate, you will fill fuller faster as your plate will be empty faster.


These diet tips may sound simple to you, however, they can be extremely powerful. My advice is to just give them a shot, after all, you really have nothing to lose – except maybe the weight. It is not like any of them will cost you money, in fact, you might even save a bit of money.

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How to lose weight in a week?

Do you have a social event coming up quickly that requires you lose weight in a week? I have one thing to tell you, this is not a very safe way to achieve weight loss. Losing weight in such a short period of time can be very detrimental to your health and well being. However, if you feel that you must give in to social pressure, then there are two basic things that you must do to lose weight in a week.

The first thing that you must do, is exercise – in particular, cardio. Losing weight in a week has absolutely nothing to do with health diet and exercise, oh no. It has everything to do with just exercise, you should aim for as much of it as you can fit into a day.

how to lose weight in a week?

Just remember, you will not actually be able to burn fat in a week, you will however, be able to burn a lot of water. This may sound silly to you, but you can actually look like you weigh less, without weighing less. The basic idea is that you dehydrate your body – again, this is very dangerous to your health and you should do it.

Essentially, the idea is that the cardio is done to help you build up a sweat, the more the better. If you have ever seen a boxer getting ready for a fight, the day before the fight, they are usually at the gym running on the treadmill, while wearing baggy clothes.

The idea is that they are trying to make their bodies sweat, to the point that they actually lose the weight they have on themselves. The reason they do this is so that they can fight at their respective weight classes. You are basically trying to do the same thing, cut down as much water as you can and consequent, cut down as much weight as you can.

This can be quite bad for your health and should not be done multiple times or regularly.

As for diet, you should avoid eating large meals, in fact, it would probably be better for you to switch to a vegetarian diet. This is because, such a diet would be extremely low in calories and would be healthy choice.

To summaries, if you are asking the question: how to lose weight in a week? Then there are two things you must do, the first is exercise your body like crazy, so much so, that you start sweating out all the water. The second is to switch to a low calorie diet, such a vegetarian diet – doing both of these should help you lose weight.

That said, I strongly advise you avoid this method – this is because, it is quite bad for your health. In fact, you would probably be better off changing your outfit so nobody can see how much you actually weight. Changing what you wear would be easier, it would require any extreme exercise or diet and would definitely be healthier.

In short, don’t try to lose weight in a week – it’s not a good idea.

High Protein Diets – The Answer to Your Problems?

Over the last 10 or so years there has been an increase in the popularity of high protein diets, this is because celebrities seem to have embraced the idea. As we all know, monkey see, monkey do. The increase in popularity of high protein diets seems to have came also from the increase in popularity of the atkins diet – which focuses mainly on high protein foods. In this article I will cover whether there are any dangers associated with the use of high protein diets – whether you should bother or whether they are a waste of time in the first place.

The first thing that you must remember is that only 15% of your diet must consist of protein, yep, that is correct only 15%. That is the amount that is recommended by most health care professionals. Any more and you suffer the risks associated with excessive protein consumption. Carrying on from this, the high protein diets recommend that 30% – 50% of your daily intake of calories is to consist of protein, is there a problem with this? The short answer is no, eating 30-50% of protein will not have any serious problems for your health.

high protein diets

The issue arises when you choose the protein rich foods that you are eating. Most foods that are high protein are also high in saturated fat which is extremely bad for your health, only around 3% of your diet should consist of saturated fat – the rest should be made up of carbohydrates at around 60% and poly and mono unsaturated at round 27%

By eating so much protein, you are in effect raising the amount of saturated fat that you are eating each and every day. This means that you have the potential to increase your body’s consumption of fat causing all sorts of problems for your health  – the dangers of which are well documented. That being said, the number problem associated with the use of high protein diets is the risk of increasing your daily intake of saturated fat – if you can avoid eating too much saturated fat – then you will help your body, although it can be hard to find a high protein diet that does not require a large in take of saturated fat.

The next issue is that of carbohydrates, as I have already mentioned approximately 60% of your diet is to be made up of carbohydrates, this means that you are eating a diet that is high in protein, you are in effect minimizing the amount of carbohydrates that you are consuming in a usual day. The end result of this process is that you will effectively have bowl movement problems, leading you to feel like you are sluggish and need sleep. Being on a diet that restricts your intake of carbohydrates is no fun at all – trust me on that.

So far in this article we have cover the two most important points that are associated with use of high protein diets, namely the fact that they require you to eat an increase in saturated fat and the other being that they limited the amount of carbohydrates that you can consume in a day. With that being said, before you try a high protein diet, I first recommend that you start a regular diet which focuses on healthy eating and regular exercise – if you do that, you will certainly reach your goals.

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Why Acai Berry is a scam!

There  are two types of acai berry supplements available on the market, the first is the liquid form and second is the pill form. I first discuss the liquid form, it is actually quite good, numerous studies have shown that it is beneficial to your health. It boost anti-oxidant levels and can improve health generally. The major downside of the liquid form is that it is extremely expensive, a bottle of acai berry juice can cost more than an expensive bottle of wine.

To be honest, I do not think it is worth the high price tag, if you look at the cost vs benefit, it is just not worth it. Furthermore, if you want to achieve the same results, then you could just start exercising and eat a health diet. That will give you the same effect without the high price tag.

Now let us talk about the second type, the pill type. These are a scam. It is really that simple, these are a scam. Scam.

I hope I have made that clear, you notice that I said the liquid form is quite good, with the major downside being the price. Well, some greedy people realised this and thought to themselves, what can I possible do to make a cheaper alternative. I know, I will create some scammy acia berry pills.

Basically, what they use is the left overs from when they make the juice to make the pills, then they dry it out and place it in a cheap pill. There is no nutritional content or vitamins being placed inside the pill, rather it is just the waste product. They realise that people want a cheap alternative, so they give you the pills, saying hey these are 1/10 of the price of the bottles, but really, they are a waste of time.

why acai berry is a scam?

The problem is that they require a subscription to their site, usually they say oh, we have a free trial. Then you thing, oh, ok I will buy them. When you get the pills, you realise that they were in fact a complete waste of time – however, the company that you bought them from now has your credit card details.

Then what they do is charge you and send you another batch of their crappy acai pills that you do not want. By the time that you receive your pills it is too late, you have already been charged something like 60 dollars for pills that cost them like 2 dollars to make.

If you want to cancel your subscriptions, then you have to go through all the trouble of ringing them, waiting on hold etc and finally after an hour you get through, have to talk to somebody that does not speak English as their first language and eventually they cancel.

I have heard horror stories of women that have been charged over 500 dollars before they realised it. It is just disgusting, those that make the pills on the other hand are now extremely rich. The government, that is the US government, has introduced new rules to regulate them – I would not hold my breath.

You should never, ever buy any of the acai berry pills – ever.

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Fast food – The real enemy for weight loss?

Through the years, I have heard all the debate surrounding fast foods in diet, well I am going to shock you. Fast food is not the enemy. You can eat McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC and not get fat, yep, it’s the truth.

If this is true, why are so many people that constantly eat these foods over weight? The answer to that is simple, notice that you used the word: constantly. You can eat fast food every now and then and not gain weight, the problem is when you add it to your daily diet. That’s when you start to see the adverse effects of it.

fast food the real enemy for weight loss

So remember, eating junk food once a fort-night will not make you fat, it’s when you eat it too often that you’ll run into problems. With that in mind, I would also recommend that you take a multi-vitamin. I know this has nothing at all to do with the current topic of fast food, however, numerous studies have shown that the majority of people, somewhere in the region of 90%+ are low on micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals).

So regardless of your diet, I would recommend that you take a good multivitamin to supplement your daily intake. This will greatly improve your health and well-being, if you are not already taking such measures, then what the hell is wrong with you?

Another tip to remember, if you are craving junk food so badly, I can tell you the reason for that. It has nothing to do with the taste of junk food, it all has to do with the sugar. This may surprise you, you would think that a savoury burger would be low in sugar, but that is where you are wrong. The bread that goes with the burger is extremely high in sugar, they use sugar in the patty and they use sugar in the sauce that goes in the burger.

In fact, a large proportion of the calories that are in a typical American burger all come from simple carbs aka sugar. The only way to over come this addition is to go cold turkey, eventually, your body will realise that you no longer require it, or for that matter want it and you will subsequently stop craving it.

I hope these tips have helped you understand that fast food is not the real enemy. You can eat fast food and not get fat, heck, I’ve been eating it quite regularly for the last few years and never had a single problem. When I say regularly I’m referring to once or twice a month – so not really that often.

As for the sugar content, you could always try and pick foods on the menu that are low in sugar. A lot of the fast food places these days are required by law to display the nutritional content of their food, so I would recommend you have a look at it before you make your purchase. You might be shocked to see the value that each food is given.

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Diets Are Tough To Follow

Following a diet regime is tough. It is a well established fact of life that most of the diet programs are unsuccessful. The reason being it is tough to follow it. A person who finds it difficult to diet would not get the desired results out of any diet program. The reason for the failure of most diet programs is that they are not healthy and nutritious. They do not include all the food groups in the right proportion. Most of the diet programs give you the flexibility of charting your own chart plan. How are we to decide which program suits you and what is the amount of calories we need to take everyday. As laymen we do not have a sound knowledge of all these. Typical of humans, we give away to temptation. Just imagine if sugary foods were allowed in the diet plan, we are not quite sure whether we would really lose weight.

Some weight loss diet programs stress on eating small portions of food. An obese person would still feel hungry even after he has eaten his food. It is difficult to stay hungry when there is delicious food right in front of your eyes. Sticking to such type of dieting is difficult. So then what is the way out? How does one achieve weight reduction without having to starve oneself? This is where the three diet program is effective. This diet program stresses on balance of the right quantity of foods. Whatever you eat has to be balanced and nutritious. The body is not deprived of nutrition and you also feel happy after eating the meal.

diets are tough to follow

You could still eat something you like, but you need to eat the same portion of foods like proteins as well as a fruit and a vegetable. In case you have a sweet tooth and you like eating that plum cake, you need to eat a chicken piece and another fruit as well. Mixing and matching foods is the trick followed in a 3 diet plan. Your food has to have a protein base combined with a fruit and a vegetable. You could still enjoy your pasta or desert. Plan your snacks in a healthy way so that you enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Sugary foods and snacks which have fats releases insulin in the body. This acceleration in the insulin content is supported with a steep drop in the insulin. This is why we feel hungry and we end up eating more and gaining more weight. Eating a protein rich food like cheese, tofu and chicken is very helpful in balancing glycemic levels in the body. Eating a protein like chicken, cheese or tofu, balances out the glycemic levels of your body. You need to eat these along with any fattening food at the same time. When you include a fresh fruit or a vegetable, it satiates you and you feel full after having all the 3 different groups of food. Now you are on your road to success. The body starts adjusting to this new diet program and you are also not deprived of your choicest foods.

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Quick And Easy Weight Loss Success

Obesity is one hottest topic which have been in discussion in many TV shows worldwide. So are the products which are designed to reduce your weight. Not a single is passed without us seeing one of those so-called miracle products which seem to be the answer for all the obesity and over weight problems. And much confusion exists in between these two terms also, obesity and being over weight. Over weight people are confused for being obese and vice versa. Some of the recent surveys have ended that precisely 70 percent of the population is suffering from over weight related problems. And the reasons for which people decide to shed their existing weights also differ. Some do it just for vanity purposes and end being under weight and malnourished. Some invest on such procedures because their doctors warned them of a low life expectancy. There is this category of women who had become over weight soon after their delivery. This maybe attributed to the improper production and distribution of hormones within the body. And they face the problem emotionally without giving much thought to curb the problem at the bud itself. They end resorting to some weird form of diet restrictions which will in turn make matters worse for them in the long term. One factor which has to be kept on your mind at all the times, starving oneself is not going to do any good. Instead think intelligently and proceed to fight off this menace.

quick and easy weight loss success

Weight loss programs are in plenty and people who are new into this field may get confused by just seeing the multitude of the products available in the online as well as offline market. Some of the common forms of diet control procedures include investing on products made using the enzymes and hormones derived from animals as well as those which are derived from patented plans such as Hoodia. Also there exists the natural form of weight loss in which appropriate diet is being taken care of along with plenty of exercise. Depending on the depth of ones pocket he or she is free to choose from the above mentioned options. But the author would recommend sticking to a natural diet program as they take more time to be realized as well the affects remain visible for a longer time. Permanent affect should be seen while seeking the help of professionals as we are not interested in spending the hard earned money on being the guinea pigs of multi large corporations who are into this field to make some serious money.

Some tips are being listed here forth. Keep a check the number of calories being consumed. More number of calories will correspond with excess fat formation and finally accumulation of the fat which is the primitive cause for obesity and being over weight. Consuming large servings of fruits, vegetables and nuts along with legumes and leafy foods are recommended. Drinking plenty of water too helps in fighting the weight by flushing out the harmful toxins as well as reducing the hunger levels of the body drastically.

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